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Best Design Articles from March 2011

I follow over 130 blogs and share about 25 links per day on twitter. This is the first of many blogs in which I share my favorites from that month. There were a lot of great graphic design articles this month, but these are a few of my favorites. You can also follow me on Twitter to see all of my updates.

1. Top 8 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

2. Thoughts and Considerations for Freelancing on a Part-Time Basis

3. Huge Showcase of Detailed Interface Design Elements

4. Showcase of Inquiry Forms for Design Services

5. 15 Tips on How to Retain Designer’s Creativity

6. 36 Aspiring Galleries You Should Visit To Get Amazing Web Design Inspiration

7. 65 Creatively Done Error Pages In Action

8. How to Choose a Typeface

9. 50 Creative Brochure Designs for Your Inspiration

10. 30 Inspiring Portfolio Designs

11. InspireAt

12. Design Charts for Better Typography and Color

13. Designing Quality Infographics: Tips, Resources and Inspiration

14. 42 Awesome Vector Business Cards For Inspiration

15. 7 Basics to Create a Good Design Brief

16. The User Experience And Psychology Of Colour

17. 30 Fantastic New jQuery Plugins

18. Showcase Of Creative Typography In Modern Web Design

19. Ultimate Guide about jQuery UI – Tutorials, Tips, Resources and Examples

20. 28 Creative Resume Examples from Dribbble.com

21. Technical Web Typography: Guidelines and Techniques

22. The Secret Of Successful Minimal Font Usage

23. 50 User Interface Design Tools A Web Designer Must Have

24. 100+ Places to Promote Your Post Or Design

25. 33 Inspirational Examples of Portfolio Showcase Grids

26. Understanding the Theory of Minimalism in Web Design

27. 60 Informative Social Networking and Social Media Infographics

28. Interactive Shortcuts Guide for Adobe® InDesign® CS5

29. 60 Useful Online Generators for Designers

30. 51 Unique Business Cards That Will Make Your Mind Explode

31. The Inevitable Importance of Colors in Design

32. Web Design Tips & Advice from A to Z

33. Why Designers Should Practice Being a Perfectionist

34. Hi-Res Plaster And Concrete Texture Pack

35. How To Use CSS3 Pseudo-Classes

36. Attractive Design Enhancing jQuery Plugins

37. 40 Free WordPress Premium-Quality Themes

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