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Human Interaction and Project Glass

Last April Google announced Project Glass. I was super excited by the technology I saw in this two minute video. Earlier this week we got another peek at what it might be like to own Google Glass:

A good read: I used Google Glass: the future, with monthly updates

Again, excitement has grown as we see a real future in wearable technology. Steve Lee, the product director of Google Glass, in an interview with The Verge said:

People want to be connected. And technology has enabled that. A problem is that technology also creates distractions and takes you out of the moments.

Yet I question whether Google Glass truly creates better human interactions. I hate when I am in a conversation with someone and they look down at their phone and respond to a text. Yet I prefer knowing they are looking at their phone then not knowing. If you have technology within your sight all the time, does this create better connections with humans? You could be reading email during a conversation with your wife while she doesn’t know.

Is Google Glass all that its made out to be? Is it really going to improve human interaction so we aren’t glancing down at our phones all the time? Or is a display on all the time the future of technology?

If you haven’t seen this short film, it is worth watching. I’m not sure how excited I am for this to become a reality:

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