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Removing User from User Experience

If there is no user involvement, UX is just a fancy way of saying "web design". You must talk to your users, get to know them, discover their needs and wants, and then build products targeted towards them.

While scrolling through a search for “#UX” on Twitter today, I came across this tweet:

I immediately replied with:

A similar blog by Whitney Hess earlier this year: You’re not a user experience designer if…

I am horrified that this has become a trend in UX: not involving the user at any point in the process. Have we become an industry in which we don’t care about what people really want or need? An industry that writes personas without any research? An industry that just “creates wireframes?” I came into this industry because I care about people and care about what they really want and need. If this is where the UX industry is heading, I’m not sure how long I’ll stick around. (I hope that this doesn’t continue.)

As more people find their way from the traditional “Web Designer” to “User Experience Designer”, I hope that the core of what UX is does not become lost with the thousands who come into this industry each month. Keep the user at the heart of our work.

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